Can practicing be the answer to everything? If you practice more you will only get better. Even when your good, if you keep practicing you will get even better. 

Studying helps you get better knowledge and understand stuff better. This article talks about researches that people have done about how practicing more helps you be smarter. It’s kind of obvious though that practicing makes you better. I always thought that talent was being good because you practiced but I guess not.

Some people think they have a natural born talent at something when really those people just practiced. 

AOW Does Talent Matter


AOW The Keurig question


The Keurig coffee maker is great for people who drink  coffee everyday but in the end is it really helping us as much as we think? Although the K-cups help not waste coffee, the cups arn’t easy to recycle and thats a bigger problem than wasting coffee.

The K-cups are a good way to help not waste coffee everyday but they don’t do so much good for the enviornment. The cups are made from materials that don’t recycle very well. They are made out of a plastic cup, which is lined with a heat-sealed paper filter, plus a polyethylene-coated aluminum foil top. Some people have shared their expierences with reusing the K-cups which makes the wasting less. If this would catch on then the enviornmental issue wouldnt be as big. As suggested in the article you can put your used cups in a composter.

About 40% of food gets wasted in America though. Which is more important to you? Saving the enviornment or saving the wasting of coffee? To me i think the issue of recycling is more important.

To solve these two problems there needs to be a k cup that is made from materials that can be recycled.  

AOW sharing is stealing


I read the article called sharing is stealing. I thought it was very unreasonable. This article is ridiculous because this lady is freaking out over nothing. She’s the one who put the photo up without a copy right right thing so it’s her fault she didn’t get credited for it.

She should have realized that she had such a valuable picture and not just thrown it out into the Internet. I don’t really think its a big deal because it’s the Internet people reblog and post stuff that isn’t theirs all the time. Stop whining! It’s just a picture like get over it. There’s way bigger problems out there than your dumb Internet piracy poop. How bout you find a job.

I have another blog that I actually care about and I reblog stuff all the time and don’t give people credit and it’s all good cause nobody really cares because they have

AOW sponge bob writing tips


I think this Is a good way to get kids to want to write better because it puts it into terms we can understand. This article shows us you want to be asponge bob and to write exciting and fun instead of boring or self coincided. I think I write likeSquidward. My stories are boring.

I need to write more exciting like sponge bob! I need to plan out my writing better so I can have interesting stuff. I write so boring. I wish I could write well.

This article was good to show kids how to write good. I hope we can all be good writers like sponge bob.I don’t really know how to write this.