AOW- environmental awareness


I disagree that school aged are less environmentally aware than older generations. Tv talks about going green During our time is all this going green ideas recycling,using cloth bags for grocery shopping instead of plastic or paper bags,going outside to play

Are kids becoming less and less aware of the conservation of energy? When you think of teenagers you may think lazy, moody, and only focused on them and their social lives but they are very aware of the environment. Growing up I hear a lot on T.V. about “Reduce, reuse, and recycle!”, “Get outside and play!”, “Conserve energy!”.


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My name is Lily like the flower not Lilly with two "L"s. That's stupid. I'm addicted to cinnamon toast crunch...really. I like dubstep, classic rock, and probably anything besides mainstream. I think sloths are the cutest animal in the world. I want to adopt a black baby from Africa and I don't care if anybody says anything negative about that because I've already made up my mind. I hate when people are mean for no reason. I get annoyed really easily because people are really stupid. I don't care if people talk crap about me because I'm used to it and it dosnt bug me. I suck at spelling so stfu. Ok bye looser.

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