3-20-12 holocaust reflection


1.Why should students learn about the holocaust?

Students should learn about the holocaust because it will help the new generations try not to make the same mistakes. Teaching people about the horrible treatment of the people during the holocaust and the destruction can show people to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. Along with that people just need to be very aware and educated about tragic events like the holocaust because it was such a huge thing in history. 

2. What contemporary issue would you be interested to learn more about and take action on?

Of course its no where near as bad as what the jews in the holocaust had to go through, but i think the issue of people being so strongly against gay marriage is very stupid. Of course gay people arn’t being killed and sent to camps or anything horrible but some kids are bullied to the point of breaking and gay marriage still isnt legal in most states. I don’t see why people have to keep them from being happy just because they don’t agree with it. I don’t see why people are so obsessed with something that has nothing to do with them. Why can’t two men you don’t even know or see get married? Because you don’t like it? Because your religion says its “wrong”? Thats ridiculous. I’d like to learn why they are so against it. A way i can take action on this problem is just showing my support for them and letting people see its not such a terrible thing. 


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My name is Lily like the flower not Lilly with two "L"s. That's stupid. I'm addicted to cinnamon toast crunch...really. I like dubstep, classic rock, and probably anything besides mainstream. I think sloths are the cutest animal in the world. I want to adopt a black baby from Africa and I don't care if anybody says anything negative about that because I've already made up my mind. I hate when people are mean for no reason. I get annoyed really easily because people are really stupid. I don't care if people talk crap about me because I'm used to it and it dosnt bug me. I suck at spelling so stfu. Ok bye looser.

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