Group Reflection


In my group discussion we talked about how today we don’t realize how lucky we are to have simple things like a bed of our own or clothes that fit. Reading the diary of anne frank she talked about how she felt so selfish almost because her hiding place and situation was amazing compared to people in other places or in the camps. She had hardly anything but felt like she had everything when today we all want luxurious things and don’t think how lucky we are. In Anne’s diary she really changes as a person over the two years. She has very mature points of view and even write in the book how she feels shes growing up and becoming more wiser when she used to be teased by her family for acting childish.

An issue that bothers me today is the amount of homeless and poor children in the world. Something I’ve done with my family is volunteer at a homeless shelter where we serve them food and get them clothes.


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My name is Lily like the flower not Lilly with two "L"s. That's stupid. I'm addicted to cinnamon toast crunch...really. I like dubstep, classic rock, and probably anything besides mainstream. I think sloths are the cutest animal in the world. I want to adopt a black baby from Africa and I don't care if anybody says anything negative about that because I've already made up my mind. I hate when people are mean for no reason. I get annoyed really easily because people are really stupid. I don't care if people talk crap about me because I'm used to it and it dosnt bug me. I suck at spelling so stfu. Ok bye looser.

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