AOW Kenya Orphanage


Anthony Omari got a huge scar trying to protect his loved ones. He’s a true hero for doing this. He got attacked by a machete. After hearing about this, Ben Hardwick decided to help.

As thieves attacked Anthony Omari, children screamed in terror. A machete tore across his face. He was so brave for standing up and doing this. After this frightening event though, they soon realized that they needed more security if they were going to be safe.

Ben Hardwick knew this too. A website called Reddit saw the pictur of Omari’s scar and donated $80,000 to the orphanage. Even more peopl donated after that. With the money they were able to pay for stuff that would keep them safe.


About unicornsrainbowsandfriedchicken

My name is Lily like the flower not Lilly with two "L"s. That's stupid. I'm addicted to cinnamon toast crunch...really. I like dubstep, classic rock, and probably anything besides mainstream. I think sloths are the cutest animal in the world. I want to adopt a black baby from Africa and I don't care if anybody says anything negative about that because I've already made up my mind. I hate when people are mean for no reason. I get annoyed really easily because people are really stupid. I don't care if people talk crap about me because I'm used to it and it dosnt bug me. I suck at spelling so stfu. Ok bye looser.

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