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AOW Kenya Orphanage


Anthony Omari got a huge scar trying to protect his loved ones. He’s a true hero for doing this. He got attacked by a machete. After hearing about this, Ben Hardwick decided to help.

As thieves attacked Anthony Omari, children screamed in terror. A machete tore across his face. He was so brave for standing up and doing this. After this frightening event though, they soon realized that they needed more security if they were going to be safe.

Ben Hardwick knew this too. A website called Reddit saw the pictur of Omari’s scar and donated $80,000 to the orphanage. Even more peopl donated after that. With the money they were able to pay for stuff that would keep them safe.


Can practicing be the answer to everything? If you practice more you will only get better. Even when your good, if you keep practicing you will get even better. 

Studying helps you get better knowledge and understand stuff better. This article talks about researches that people have done about how practicing more helps you be smarter. It’s kind of obvious though that practicing makes you better. I always thought that talent was being good because you practiced but I guess not.

Some people think they have a natural born talent at something when really those people just practiced. 

AOW Does Talent Matter

AOW The Keurig question


The Keurig coffee maker is great for people who drink  coffee everyday but in the end is it really helping us as much as we think? Although the K-cups help not waste coffee, the cups arn’t easy to recycle and thats a bigger problem than wasting coffee.

The K-cups are a good way to help not waste coffee everyday but they don’t do so much good for the enviornment. The cups are made from materials that don’t recycle very well. They are made out of a plastic cup, which is lined with a heat-sealed paper filter, plus a polyethylene-coated aluminum foil top. Some people have shared their expierences with reusing the K-cups which makes the wasting less. If this would catch on then the enviornmental issue wouldnt be as big. As suggested in the article you can put your used cups in a composter.

About 40% of food gets wasted in America though. Which is more important to you? Saving the enviornment or saving the wasting of coffee? To me i think the issue of recycling is more important.

To solve these two problems there needs to be a k cup that is made from materials that can be recycled.