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I hate writing dumb blogs


AOW sharing is stealing


I read the article called sharing is stealing. I thought it was very unreasonable. This article is ridiculous because this lady is freaking out over nothing. She’s the one who put the photo up without a copy right right thing so it’s her fault she didn’t get credited for it.

She should have realized that she had such a valuable picture and not just thrown it out into the Internet. I don’t really think its a big deal because it’s the Internet people reblog and post stuff that isn’t theirs all the time. Stop whining! It’s just a picture like get over it. There’s way bigger problems out there than your dumb Internet piracy poop. How bout you find a job.

I have another blog that I actually care about and I reblog stuff all the time and don’t give people credit and it’s all good cause nobody really cares because they have

AOW sponge bob writing tips


I think this Is a good way to get kids to want to write better because it puts it into terms we can understand. This article shows us you want to be asponge bob and to write exciting and fun instead of boring or self coincided. I think I write likeSquidward. My stories are boring.

I need to write more exciting like sponge bob! I need to plan out my writing better so I can have interesting stuff. I write so boring. I wish I could write well.

This article was good to show kids how to write good. I hope we can all be good writers like sponge bob.I don’t really know how to write this. 

New Years Post!!!!!!!!


On New Years Eve people usually party and get wasted. I on the other hand had a very fun night with my best friend doing nothing! We gave each other makeovers, watched cee lo green ruin the song Imagine by john lennon, then watched the ball drop. We were suppose to party but we decided to stay in because we are cool. Over all it was a very fun new years but it was ruined because the next day after new years we had to go to nasty stupid school.

time management ninja AOW


i read the artice called “stop being comfortable and start being motivated”. it was about how people need to get out of their comfort zones. some of the things it listed that people were uncomfortable with were their job and weight. I can see how they would be because some people are afraid of change. For example i absoulutley hate change! My mom changed the pillows on the bench on our front porch and i noticed and it bothered me because i missed the old ones.

I think people that read these articles must be very bored because they are very lame.