Book Review


Life is hard for Harper Lee Morgan.She has bad memories of her alcoholic dad,plus her mean snooty neighbors who also happened to be her landlord.Three months of rent is overdue,so Harper Lee,her mom,and little brother Hem,get kicked out with all their things on the lawn.This book by Anne Haywood Leal puts you in the shoes of a smart little girl,Also known as Harper.Recently being evicted,Harper Lee and her family pack up all they can in their little light brown Sedan,and make their way to the Knotty Pine Deluxe Motor Hotel.Hemingway,Hem for short,thinks of the move like an adventure but Harper Lee knows their mom is struggling with money.Harper Lee tries to make the best of the situation and meets Lorraine, a quiet girl,and her brother Randall,a wild copy of Hem.While Mama’s at work,the gang explore’s the land and it shows you how different of a life they have.Not being able to go to school,Harper longs to turn in her poems for the poetry contest at school,which is her dream to win.Helping with her talent she meets an odd old lady named Dorthy.I liked this book because it tells Harpers past so detailed to where you can relate and really feel as if your in her situation.Its interesting to read all about Harpers feelings and to infer what is going on.”Also known as Harper” is a great book to read.


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My name is Lily like the flower not Lilly with two "L"s. That's stupid. I'm addicted to cinnamon toast crunch...really. I like dubstep, classic rock, and probably anything besides mainstream. I think sloths are the cutest animal in the world. I want to adopt a black baby from Africa and I don't care if anybody says anything negative about that because I've already made up my mind. I hate when people are mean for no reason. I get annoyed really easily because people are really stupid. I don't care if people talk crap about me because I'm used to it and it dosnt bug me. I suck at spelling so stfu. Ok bye looser.

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