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Book Review


Life is hard for Harper Lee Morgan.She has bad memories of her alcoholic dad,plus her mean snooty neighbors who also happened to be her landlord.Three months of rent is overdue,so Harper Lee,her mom,and little brother Hem,get kicked out with all their things on the lawn.This book by Anne Haywood Leal puts you in the shoes of a smart little girl,Also known as Harper.Recently being evicted,Harper Lee and her family pack up all they can in their little light brown Sedan,and make their way to the Knotty Pine Deluxe Motor Hotel.Hemingway,Hem for short,thinks of the move like an adventure but Harper Lee knows their mom is struggling with money.Harper Lee tries to make the best of the situation and meets Lorraine, a quiet girl,and her brother Randall,a wild copy of Hem.While Mama’s at work,the gang explore’s the land and it shows you how different of a life they have.Not being able to go to school,Harper longs to turn in her poems for the poetry contest at school,which is her dream to win.Helping with her talent she meets an odd old lady named Dorthy.I liked this book because it tells Harpers past so detailed to where you can relate and really feel as if your in her situation.Its interesting to read all about Harpers feelings and to infer what is going on.”Also known as Harper” is a great book to read.


Hero essay


A hero is somebody who stands up and risks their life to help others in need. Heroes aren’t always firefighters and soldiers, they can be everyday people. When people are put in stressful situations, it takes a true hero to take it into their own hands and help out. Heroes are brave, courageous, strong people.  A hero is a normal person that does a brave heroic act while risking their own life. For example, when the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened in New York, many regular people stepped up and pulled together to save others. People set their differences aside and just helped out because they knew it was the right thing to do. Another example is the people that had boats during 9/11. They all helped out by taking everyone and anyone off the island, to a safer place. Many of them didn’t know what they were getting into but they went on anyway.  A hero is the firefighter that runs back into the burning building to save the women screaming for her life. A hero is the person that stands up as a leader in a stressful situation. These are good examples of courages acts. Just somebody who’s scared but keeps going because they know it’s the right thing.  For instance, a popular high school jock sees his friends picking on a nerdy outcast, stands up to his friends, telling them to leave the kid alone. He would be risking his popular status and his friends but he knows it’s mean and not right to bully. Do you have that person in your life that always seems to be there for you? That person that always steps up when times are hard? These kind of people that do such simple selfless deeds are the most common kinds of heroes. These people are strong. They persevere when times are hard.  Heroes are brave, courageous, strong people. To me, many of my family and friends are heroes because they keep positive after  the tough things they have been through.


all of the statements in this article seem like they’re true,but who knows they could all be lies.Ive never even heard of half of these myths,its stupid that anyone would be believe this even before people said that it was a myth.People will believe anything these days because they’re stupid and gullible.I dont even work in an office so i dont think this whole thing even applies to me.Im 13 not 21 btw.ya know? i go to school,not work sooooo why do i care about these myths

Teachers obviously live by this myth because they love love love to be old,an fat and give us 3 hours worth of homework on top of the 8 hours of school we can barely handle.The most work they do is opening a twinkie.By the end of the week were so out of energy that on the weekend we barely do anything on the measley 2 days we have off.And you know what we have to look forward to when the weekend ends? another 5 days of getting yelled at.

School’s shouldnt live by these myths,they should give us less homework and just a little more class work to even everything out instead of making me go to bed late because i had to write about something retarded and then the next day i”ll be super tired and it”ll make me not wanna do my work.