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Teen Homework Procrastination AOW


First of all why would you write in a letter to try to get help for your daughters homework problem? Are you stupid? The reason your daughter dosnt do her homework is because shes proboly out partying, sleeping with half the football team, and doing drugs! We are teenagers, not retards ok we dont need your help ok we are smarter than you, you need our help. If this girl cant do her dang homework then theres a bigger problem here.

Tutoring her or suprevising her work will not help. If my parents did that i would run away. No kids do their homework in highschool. If they do then they are loosers. Think of it this way ok your little princess may not have straight A’s but atleast she has a social life! atleast shes not like little peggy sue over there doing extra credit and studying for the SAT! Your daughter is proboly cool so just chill out.

NO WHAT YOUR STUPID! I doubt if she was a perfectionist she wouldnt do her homework like that dosnt make any sense at all. If she was a perfectionists wouldnt she be all crazy and organized and teacher pet type? DUH! maybe you need to go back to school. Teens will accept advice from respectful adults and i have met very rare respectful adults ok they are either mean, nice, or they try to flirt with you because you look old for your age so they dont know your really 13 and super creeped out, therefore i do not listen, respect, or do what is told of mean, disrespectful adults because they are stupid and usually fat, divorced, and bitter. The lady who wrote this artcle and the lady that sent in the letter are a batch of crazy. Plus this poor girls mom sounds like an over controlling monster that proboly puts cameras in her room, and uses kitty lock in the car like uhm hello your daughters in 10th grade ok she should be partying, getting in trouble, and having fun not listening to you nag nag nag about missing homework. CHILL OUT geez these articles are all the same about stupid people freaking out about lame things! i hardly ever do my homework yet i still make A’s and B’s so you see its just busy work thats pointless. 


Gratitude AOW


I agree our world is very messed up. Yes if your think posotive and have gratitude your life will be happy. Im too lazy to have gratitude because im a mean cold person that has been killed by society. This article is pointless. I hate articles.

Im grateful for food and my bestfriend Lexi. It shouldnt be any surprise that showing gratitude makes you happier. I could have told you that without doing studies. That study thing was stupid. I hate the people who wrote this and the people that do stupid pointless studies.

Im not going to keep a daily journal because clearly i cant even write in my blog because im lazy, un creative, and tired. I will not look in the mirror because i am afraid of mirrors because demons get to our world through them from the underworld duh. I am not a fan of Ocean Robbins or her article. I strongly hate this article. Gratitude, Ocean Robbins, articles, and pointless studies make me sad.



I don’t believe any of this gratitude is not gonna make me happier I’m gonna live my life how I want to.not how some old fat man claims it’s gonna be better.even if I believed in this crap I still wouldn’t have more gratitude because I don’t like talking to anyone besides Lexi because she’s the only person who’s not stupid like everyone can someone believe any of this?!I people will believe anything to try and make their pathetic lives better. It’s the truth:) Also I’m not gonna stare at myself I’n the mirror while brushing my teeth,that sounds conceded.But I’m going to give it a try because it’s not going to kill me so I might as well see if it could make me happier than I already am.I’m going to start off by being thankful for my mom my brother and for my adorable dog Marlee:D and….Lexi.yay I’m starting to feel happier already. I shouldn’t have doubted gratitude. Now I’m going to live my life with a better attitude and outlook on life

AOW Gratitude


Ive never thought that such a simple thing as gratitude could have such a big impact on how you think and feel,the next time someone does something for me like Lexi,because she does EVERYTHING for me I’m gonna thank her with a big hug. I’m am so very thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life so it’s important to remember to thank people and have good manners.

I think no mAtter what your situation is you should be grateful and have gratitude. I think that happiness is an important thing that makes us healthier. Whenever you laugh you are actually exercising. That way you can live a longer life. Being negative doesn’t help you in anyway. I mean what’s the point of being negative about everything. Save yourself and try to be positive about what’s actually good. Don’t waste time in being negative. People who are negative will not even realize that they should be grateful for the little stuff. If you open your eyes you may realize you have a lot of good stuff and people in your life.