Monthly Archives: October 2011

AOW- cisco


they should not sell anything that would help the U.S. kill the chinese.


AOW- jcpenny pulls shirt


I read the article about jcpenny having the shirt saying “I’m to pretty to do homework so my brother does it for me”. After reading the comments of people complaing saying it’s offensive I couldn’t stop laughing.

Old people are so stupid for getting their panties in knot over a shirt at jcpennys. GET OVER IT. It’s just a shirt. It’s a cute little saying and y’all are freaking out! It’s not offensive in anyway at all and it’s not sexist so shut up and stop making petitions over it. Is your life really that lame where you freak over a little girls shirt saying she’s pretty. I bet your daughter is ugly and dumb. I bet you are a old fat looser writing petitions and protesting for lame reasons. You wanna make a difference? Go find a cure for cancer looser!